About DesignAwards.Asia

DAA is an award honoring the best Asian design on internet.

Internet is an integral part of our daily life. New media content, like websites, apps, online videos, has become a major source of information that we access everyday. A good new media design is significant that deserves an exclusive award to recognize its achievement. DAA aims to honor the best Asian design on internet, in the eyes of Asians.

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Judging Criteria

The DAA Judges scores each design based on its creativity, content and visual design. Though viral ability or word of mouth is important on internet, we do not count it as a judging criteria, for the reason that we want to bring something new, something that you might miss but excellent.


  • Originality
  • Uniqueness
  • Localisation
  • Concept


  • User Experience
  • Structure & Arrangement
  • Research
  • Execution
  • Production Quality


  • Art Direction
  • Style
  • Tone & Manner
  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Consistency

Judging Process

1. Design Submission

While our team searches for appealing and outstanding design on internet every day, DAA is open for online submission. The submitted works are first checked for eligibility by DAA team in accordance with our guidelines. All eligible design are added to the nominees gallery and designers of the works receive an official letter of nomination.

- Become Creative Scout
- Submit your work

2. Daily and Monthly Awards

Nominated designs are evaluated by our experienced juries on daily basis. One design is honored with “Design of the Day (DOTD)” and become nominees of “Design of the Month (DOTM)” which are evaluated and honored at the end of each month.

- Winner Resources
- DAA Judges

3. Best of the best

The 12 winners of “DOTM” are also nominated for “Design of the Year (DOTY)”. The best of the best is honored at the end of each year.

Certificates & Trophies

Official DAA certificates for Design of the Day, Design of the Month, and Design of the Year. Digital certificates are sent out by e-mail; High quality printed certificates are available for order.

The DAA Trophy is designed to honor the most outstanding work in each category, including Site of the Year, Mobile of the Year and Video of the Year.