We start this project from conducting user interview to understand their experience. The uniqueness of thinking bridal jewelry experience is, there are two different perspective from men’s and women’s to select one ring. Also, unlikely with the other jewelry, customers select the product only once, so they are all “beginners”. Based on these points, we come up with the concept as “ALUXE is tailor for you.” Tailor is the person who make clothes to perfectly fit individual customer. We try to describe their attitude to one customers through the design. We developed full customized EC system for users to select combination of diamond carat,size, and ring design. However, same time we avoid the website looks like EC “system”. We also have 2 special contents, one is “Find her style”, one is “4 Seasons Light Collection”. “Find Her Style” is for men to find ideal ring for propose to his girl friends. By answering 2 type of questions about her style and personality, website recommend him several ring type. “4 Seasons Light Collection” is collaboration contents with instagramers. Traditional bridal jewelry shows brightness of diamond itself, but we see value of diamond is catching the natural light in daily life, and the light reminds people of the person in love. Each different instagramer takes one seasons of photos with messages. All of the graphic design/contents/pictures encourage visitors to enjoy the one and only experience in their life.

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