Junni has launched their teaser website for Obsolete, a Youtube Originals animation series premiering on Youtube this December.
3D Objects and WebGL are used to produce various effects on the site.

When we were asked to design the website for this series, we devised a plan to emphasize the “Exoframe” throughout the site, an important technological mechanism within the series.

We received 3D models directly from the animation/production studio Buemon and incorporated them into the design. To do this, we first reduced the number of polygons to make the 3D data suitable for the web. Then we used WebGL technology to create smooth transitions and interactive motions that immerse visitors in the story.

Visitors to the site are able to freely interact with a full body “Exoframe” with their mouse movements and browse contents, learn more about the series, and get excited for the upcoming premiere.

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