把主機板轉化為繁忙的城市,裝置運行,透過交通壅塞,停車塔的概念來講述記憶體存入的過程‧ 因為加裝OPTANE後,整個城市交通大幅升級,讓交通不再擁塞,使得遊戲,工作,創作的子島嶼, 效率更加提升,城市更加發達。以活潑有趣的轉化,讓觀眾更容易地了解OPTANE技術的優勢。

This time we turn the mother board into a bustling city, the device runs as through the concept of traffic congestion, use parking tower to express the process of memory storage ‧ Owning to the installation of OPTIANE, the entire city traffic is greatly upgraded, so that traffic is no longer congested, making the game working and creating sub-islands to improve the efficiency and enhanced the city be more developed. With this interesting conversions, it is easier for viewers to understand the advantages of OPTANE technology.

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