by Koji Abe ( INSENSE inc.) from Japan
April 17, 2017

This is the website specially created by Mori Trust Group in collaboration with Marriott International for the new destination campaign "JapaTabi."
The site seeks to introduce the five new resort destinations to be opened by Marriott Hotels this summer (Karuizawa, Mt. Fuji / Lake Yamanaka, Izu Shuzenji, Lake Biwa, and Nanki-Shirahama) through a combination of original movies, photographs, and written articles. These five lesser known locations are just as fascinating as well-known destinations such as Tokyo and Kyoto, if not more so. Along with these original movies showcasing the best of each destination and created with the concept of "Japan - More to Explore," the site will also provide information on select locations and how to enjoy them which can only be provided by the unique point of view of a hotel group.

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