I’ve been thinking about the essential trаіtѕ оf grеаt wеbsites, should be clean, modern, user experience and message are clearly conveyed. My inspiration has begun from taken myself back at the user level. I want to create a website have verve, personality, and standard yet beyond expectation.

According to our research, we we’ve found thаt a good website criteria, is more than just coming up with a pretty or trendy-looking website that catches attention, the ideal website design should be able to deliver quality visuals that are both appropriate and relevant to the web content and the intended visitors. Other factor such as SEO, accessibility, performance and content should not be neglected in the website development process.

A good website should embrace all following criteria, such as a clean layout, professional logo for branding that matches with the site, concept, colors and the creative elements found within the website. Other deciding factors include simple layout, typography, images and audio.

The content of the website, such as the page title, meta tags and the presence of indexation, must show an effective use of various SEO techniques that maximizes search engine visibility. Last, but not least, the website should be compatible and could be accessed with ease on all major mobile devices and browser compatible. And allow the user interaction with the website convenient, responsive, optimally interactive and memorable

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