온라인 영상 & 비디오
디자이너: Taehoon Park / 대한민국
2017년 03월 01일
온라인 영상 & 비디오

"EMPTINESS" is my short film made for our group's 4th project.
The purpose of this project is to practice lighting and compositing in an empty atmosphere.
This time, we each chose a piece of music and then made a short video to go along with it.
While I was looking for some calm, relaxing music, I found "Message From Home" from the movie "Interstellar."
I felt this song captured the emotion of loneliness in an empty atmosphere very well, as it did for the astronaut in the movie.


Cinema 4D R18
Rendered with Octane Render 3
Postwork in Adobe After-Effects
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 800 px
Rendertime 4-8 min per frame on two GTX 1070
Sound desigh - SEUNG WOOK YOON

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