온라인 영상 & 비디오

In the summer of 2016, Nike launched a spirited call to arms that inspired women in India to challenge the cultural assumptions about femininity and pursue a sport through a thumping track and music video.
The good folks at W+K Delhi reached out to us to create a lyric video that would match the energy of the video and pace of the track. In order to achieve this, we used a combination of kinetic typography, motion design, classical animation techniques and beat matched editing to conceive this edgy spot.

Produced by Supari Studios
Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Director: Akshat Gupt
Animation Director: Aditya Tawde
Lead Producer: Manoti Jain
Executive Producer: Advait Gupt
Graphics Team: Manmayee Desai, Aditi Dash, Bhanushankar Bhartia & C.K. Isaac
Motion Design Team: Harsh Sharma & Kunal Prabhu
Classical Animation Team: Adarsh Panicker & Mayukh Goswami

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