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"Studio SAWORL" Show Reel 2015
/Branding, Graphic, Space, Identity, Illustration, Package, Artwork, Editorial, Exhibition, Motion Graphics

Founded in 2006, Design Studio SAWORL (meaning ‘April’ in Korean) is a progressive design community as well as a design firm that pursues the total design of new domain which transcends the boundaries between art and design. The philosophy of SAWORL, ‘Design is realization of the art for the public’ means that corporates, public (society), and designers are positioned horizontally as they mutually share the purpose and experience for designing at the same time. The design art of our era is more than mere tools of creation, consumption, and production; it is the spirit, communication and culture that are permeated, converged, and reacted throughout all social sectors. Various and distinctive, supertemporal designs and artwork from the 60’s Art Nouveau, 70’s modern culture, 80’s alternative culture to the new mix culture of today, are the identity and creative spirit of Design Studio SAWORL.

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