The assignment this time is challenging, as it expects to make a breakthrough of and innovate the traditional corporate image in Taiwan! We are going to build a brand-new corporate image website for Shinkong Textile Co., Ltd. with a 50- year history in Taiwan.

Shinkong Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955 and is the pioneer of the textile industry in Taiwan. For the brand-new corporate image website design in 2016, we focused on the three selling points, “beauty of fabric colors, beauty of fabric material and beauty of fabric print.”

The website mainly includes four major products, namely, woven, knit, wool and digital print. We designed exclusive fabric-shaped icons for these four fabric types based on different material properties, which are taken as the main visual elements for development. For example, the woven material is quite hard, so we drew sharp straight lines on left/right sides of the icon. Knits are light and slim, so we used a graceful icon. For the tough wool, we designed the icon in a thick and round-shaped angle. As for the digital print technology, we used a bird pattern to symbolize printing.

We presented the pictures of all the fabric products in the way of shielding image, and combined these with the product icons to complete the desired visual effect in each product page. This allows the user to focus on the fabric material, details and colors while viewing the website, so as to help achieve the goal of a differentiated and innovative website for Shinkong Textile Co., Ltd.

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